Big Courses

(served with steamed rice)

Pancit Bihon Canton $11
A delectable combination of thin rice noodles and egg noodles, sautéed vegetables, chicken and Chinese sausage

Asian-Style Spicy Penne $10
Penne pasta served with a vibrant and flavorful mixture of chicken, cherry tomatoes and crushed peppers

Pork Muscovado $13
Crispy pork with muscovado reduction, served with mango-cucumbers salsa

Chicken Embutido Parmesan $12
Filipino-Style savory chicken meatloaf with golden raisins, ham, parmesan, mashed sweet potatoes and long beans

Fish Steak $14
Milkfish served with house specially sauce and topped and onions

Pork Binagoongan $14
Crispy pieces of pork sautéed in shrimp paste with cherry tomatoes and long beans

Beef Calde-dobo $15
Slow-cooked tenderloin of beef with tomatoes in a soy-vinegar sauce